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Front View - In The Mean Time

In The Mean Time CD

Gretchen's sophomore and independent effort

Sounds like the melodic goth pop/metal of Evanescence, as well as the hard-hitting modern rock of The Benjamin Gate and a louder version of Plumb… this band handles the music well while offering more forthright examples of their Christian beliefs. Christianity Today

The MP3 album is $6.99 — individual MP3s are $1.00 each

Front View - Mouth Full of Nails CD

Mouth Full of Nails CD

Gretchen's 1st national release

Five songs from this release received international recognition; “Ordinary Girl”, “Diamonds”, and “Mouth Full of Nails” all received honorable mentions for the rock/alternative category in Billboard's Annual World Songwriting contest. The song “Star” was used in a Ford Ranger promotion by Ford Motor Company. “Inclined” reached the #2 spot on the world acoustic charts on mp3.com.

The MP3 album is $5.99 — individual MP3s are $1.00 each

Front View - Fairy Tale CD by Serenade

Fairy Tale (Serenade)

Serenade was Dave & Mia's band before Gretchen. Check out earlier versions of songs that were later to be released on "Mouth Full of Nails"

Features Mia & Dave (from Gretchen) on vocals and guitar, Jeremiah Nave on drums, and Brandon Richards (Dave's brother) on bass guitar.

"In The Mean Time" Mia Tee

Black short sleeve tee shirt featuring Mia holding the violet from the In The Mean Time album cover.

"In The Mean Time" Combo

Get the shirt & the CD together!!

Short Sleeve

This simple design features the "Gretchen" logo on the front -- Short sleeve available in red/black or black/white in a variety of sizes.

Long sleeve (not pictured)

Same as the short sleeve version but with a tribal design added on the sleeves. Available in black/white only.

Classic Girl Short Sleeve T-shirt

A finer twist on a classic girl's t-shirt style designed for women of all ages who desire a youthful fit. Made with the finest jersey cotton to fit your curves. Black w/ silver metallic "Gretchen" logo.