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This is our go to list of vendors and contractors. We feel confident enough to recommend their services to you and any of our clients.

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= They've done work for several of our clients.
= They've done work for us personally.
= New to this list, but reputable company.

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Home Inspectors

Pest Control

Title & Closing


Chimney Sweep/Inspection/Repair


  • Tri-City Electric Inc
    • Randy Kinkead
    • 423-340-0862
    • 423-968-2622 (billing only)

Home Warranty

A home warranty company provides for discounted repair and replacement service on a home's major components, such as the furnace, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical system. These are the two that we've encountered the most often.

Cleaning Services

Lawn Care


  • SP Rutherford Transfer & Storage (recommended by Mia's dad)
    • 423-764-4186
    • 317 Beecham St, Bristol, TN 37620

HVAC — Heat & Air


  • Adams Plumbing
    • Tim Morris
    • 423-502-4303
  • A+ Plumbing
    • Staff ?? (We've used them a couple of time for some of the properties that we manage.)
    • 423-797-0151

Enviromental Feasibility — Soil Scientist, Perk Test, etc



  • Dan Mort Land Surveyor
    • Dan Mort
    • 276-494-6398
  • Bailey Engineering & Land Surveying
    • Andrew Crawford
    • 276-701-6036

Tech & IT for Home & Business

More Stuff We Like

Mia & also can't say enough about this guy → Dave Ramsey — and his book Financial Peace. We used to catch his show on the radio, but nowdays we listen to his Podcast or put him on the Youtube.

Even More…

Also reccomended Getting Things Done, by David Allen.